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Mediating Mediums - The Digital 3d from Greg Tran on Vimeo.

Spring Picnic

in production via norcal, put your orders in. Website upcoming.... 15 per

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Some snapshots setting up for a recent show..

Each of us designed a website that was interfaced through a wii controller remotely... the screens were inversely projected so that you could not walk infront of the projector. I'll post some better pictures soon...

New Publication: Anthony Stahl in Structuralism Reloaded, Rule Based Design in Architecture and Urbanism

By Tomas Valena with Tom Avermaete and Georg Vrachliotis
Hit it up on Amazon...

New Publication: Anthony Stahl in Architecture Design Discourse Eleven

New Publication: Anthony Stahl in ABSTRACT

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Thesis Show Digital Presentation

hit arrows to fly through digital content... a good 3/4 of the content for my thesis so far.